Building with banksia building is a flexible process tailored to meet your needs with an enthusiastic team to guide you through each step of building your new home from start to finish. We aim to make this process hassle free and enjoyable!

Step 1

Idea to build a home

  • So, you've decided now is the time to build a new home?

  • Have you considered what your needs are? How many bedrooms, storage solutions and living spaces?

  • How long do you plan to live in this house? Is it a stepping stone or your forever home?

  • Do you have a style in mind for your new dream home? Create a visual mood board of inspirational styles

  • Have you set a budget?

  • Banksia Building can explain the process and help you every step of the way

Right from the start, we are here to help you bring your dream home to life and make this process hassle free and enjoyable.

Step 2

Where to build and finding a block of land

  • Banksia Building can work with you during this process to ensure you have the right block of land to build on

  • Banksia Building have contacts with developers and can give you guidance and ideas when considering slope and house design limitations

  • Alternatively, find a block at your own pace. Visit landorange.com.au to review listings

  • Be sure to check for service connections to land. If you're looking to build on acreage, you may need to allow in your budget for cost of connecting services such as power, sewerage, etc.

Finding the right block of land to build your dream home on is important, and you need to give consideration a few factors when deciding to what land to buy. Particular attention is needed to ensure that the slope and orientation of the land works for your needs and budget. We are able to assist you in choosing the right block of land that works with your design, use and also budget needs

Step 3

Draw up house plans

  • Do you have detailed house plans already?

  • Do you need someone to draw you plans for you?

Either way, we can assist in getting your plans drawn. Whether it's through our in-house drawing service with Mick, or we can outsource the drawing of plans to a draftsperson if needed. Through this process we will work closely with you to ensure that your design brief and use of space is met, while still working to the benefits of your land. Investing time in getting the plan right is essential and our team is experienced and ready to help you.

Step 4

Work out specifications and inclusions

  • Now is the time to list all the specifications that'll be included in the design and build

  • Probably the most important step - attention to the details, addressing as many inclusions as possible is essential

  • Have you considered energy efficiencies, like double glazing, insulation and alternative materials?

  • Who is taking care of landscaping and fencing?

There is a lot to consider when designing your dream home and we are here to help customise your specifications and finishes to meets your style, use of space and all while keeping your budget top of mind. In our many years of being in business, we have formed great partnerships with many suppliers that allow us to find the style that works for your home and budget.

Step 5

Build quote

  • Banksia Building can now quote you on what you want in your home

  • Don't be alarmed by the long list of inclusions - it's designed to inform us and you of what you can expect to receive at the completion of the build

  • We also list any exclusion

  • All aspects are considered, from interiors to exteriors

We are passionate about providing a detailed tailored quote for your project. Our quotes are honest and provide clear details on what is included and what is not included. We don’t have any gold or silver packages, or free upgrades; we fully tailor your allowances to suit the level of inclusions you would like.

We understand that through this process, sometimes the price may be more than expected. We are more than prepared re-price the plans, working closely with you to identify priorities and areas of cost savings to help bring your custom build life.

Step 6

Sign Contracts and Approval applications

  • Congratulations, you’re ready to sign Contracts

  • Once the quote is accepted, we can begin the build process

  • We use an industry recognised Master Builders Association BC4 Contract

We will arrange a time to go through the contracts and take care of the approval applications process for you. We are proud that Mick has obtained his builders licence by completing his apprenticeship and clerk of works, and we are committed to the replenishment industry by employing our own team of carpenters, including apprentices to ensure our workmanship is of a high standard.

Step 7

Commence build

now you're ready to build!